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CDM Grow Lights

Maxibright 315W CDM Adapter Lighting System

Maxibright Lighting kit comprises of a 315 w ballast and suitable Philips bulb, reflector and bulb holder
From £239.95

Maxibright 315Watt Horizon connect Reflector

The Maxibright Horizon reflector can be used as a standalone unit connecting to your existing CDM ballast or can be purchased as a complete package. Maxibright offer leading hydroponic equipment with excellent build, quality and rigorous testing as standard you can be sure your plants will lap up every last usable lumen regardless of where they are positioned.
From £59.95

Philips 315W CDM Lamps

Philips 315W CDM 930 Agro lamp and 942 Daylight Lamp suitable with ceramic bulb holder and 315w maxibright ballast
From £99.95

Maxibright 315Watt Horizon Connect CDM Lighting System

The Maxibright Horizon connect full fixture grow light kit is the next generation of lighting to help get the most out of your grow room by improving overall plant health, along with increasing yield and improving taste/aromas of fruits at harvest.
From £259.95

E40 to philips 315w CDM Bulb Holder

E40 to philips CMH/CDM 315 lamp holder, Simply screw the e40 adaptor in to the e4o holder then fit int he philips 315w lamp in to the holder and you are away!
From £10.95