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Grodan is top of the market when it comes to supplying a wide range of substrate.

Originating in 1937, Grodan have been around for a very long time making their footprint in the professional growing industry.

Here at Grow magic we have chosen Grodan as they pride themselves on ensuring their products increase yields and crops.

Grodan Growing Cubes

These cubes (also known as Cellmax) are tiny pieces of rockwool suitable for use in pots as a growing medium.
From £5.00

Grodan Propagation Cubes

Grodan Propagation Cubes are perfect for both seedlings and cuttings.
From £9.95

Grodan Transplanting Cubes

Designed for use with Grodan Propagation Cubes, this growing media is suitable for use in most hydroponic systems.
From £3.50