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Guanokalong is an organic super manure. Guanokalong is organically made from bat droppings and is packed with rich macro and micro elements.

Guanokalong Bat Guano Powder

Guanokalong Powder is an organic and natural enhancer for use with soil.
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Guanokalong Complete Soil Mix 50L

Guanokalong Complete soil Mix benefits from the added rich quality Guano powder many growers find a necessity for their feed range. Guanokalong soil is mixed with fine elements such as seaweed powder, Palm tree ashes, cottonseed powder, fish powder and trace elements. All of these products mixed together with a finely tuned blend of perlite, worm castings, baltic white peat and black peat make for a full bodied organic unique soil.
From £16.95

Guanokalong Extract Taste Improver

Guanokalong Extract Taste Improver is designed to enhance taste and aid the flowering and rooting for the organic grower.
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Guanokalong Kalong Grow 100% Organic NK 6-3 1L

Guanokalong has created a Kalong Grow 100% organic Growth Fertilizer. this organic nutrient is suitable for use during vegetation and growth stage.
From £11.95

Guanokalong Kalong Bloom 100% Organic NK2-5-6 1L

Guanokalong creates organic ranges of plant feed. Kalong Bloom is a 100% Organic Plant Fertilizer suitable for use during the Bloom stage. This Kalong liquid has a NK value of 2-5-6 and is suitable for use in a variety of mediums including Soil and Coco. Guanokalong ensure the organic contents are controlled for long release of nutrients. Kalong will stimulate present Microlife in substrate without being harsh on roots due to low salt build up.
From £11.95

GK Organics Complete Organics 1L

This 100% organic all-in-one fertiliser contains everything for the growth and bloom of your plants and flowers. Ideal for if you want to devote little time to the soil conditions of your pots or (vegetable) garden.
From £14.95

Guanokalong Veg Pearls 1L

This vegan super fertiliser provides astonishing growth using 100% organic means. GK-Organics® Veg Pearls, made from a plant-based extract from sugar cane, is a complete and economical alternative for manure.
From £10.95

Guanokalong Black Pellets 1Kg

This organic super fertiliser is full of natural ingredients and enhances the flavour, quality and yield of the end product. Guanokalong® Black Pellets is a mixture of Guanokalong® Powder and humic acids in pellet form. By mixing it as a basic fertiliser into soil or coco coir substrate, Guanokalong® Black Pellets provides astonishing growth and less stress and moisture requirements during transplantation.
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Guanokalong Palm Tree Ash 1Kg

Guanokalong Palm Tree Ash 1Kg
From £10.95