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Plagron are worldwide suppliers of 100% organic products and have been established for over 20 years. Plagron’s extensive range is regularly updated, expanded and improved to meet the demanding needs of the hydroponic market.

Plagron stands out due to their commitment to produce high quality products which are easy to use. Their range has been adapted to suit each individual’s preference. They offer Natural, Terra, Coco, Hydro and Universal varieties which are all colour coded with packaging.

Their collection comprises of substrates, base nutrients, additives, stimulants, Bat Guano, Worm Castings, boosters and more. 

Plagron Bat Guano

Bat guano is organic and naturally high in Potassium and Phosphorus, making it perfect as a natural booster for flowering.
From £11.95

Plagron Coco Nutrients

Plagron Cocos A+B is a two part coco base feed comprised of organic minerals.
From £12.95

Plagron Green Sensation

Specially developed for the last 4-6 weeks of flowering, Green Sensation is a strong booster which will increase both your yield and the flavour of fruits.
From £18.95

Plagron Sugar Royal

An organic stimulator rich in vitamins, increasing plants photosynthesis and sugar levels.
From £22.95

Plagron Coco Premium 50L

Plagron Coco Premium is a growing nutrient suited for potting plants. Plagron Coco is made with high quality Coco, enriched with trichoderma and lightly buffered to offer a low EC value. Coco itself has great aeration and drainage properties making it an exellent choice for many growers.
From £12.95

Plagron Alga Bloom

Alga Bloom is a basic plant food that was created especially for soil-based cultivation. Alga Bloom is used during the plant’s flowering phase. This fertiliser, which is based on algae, aids in establishing healthy, sound plants that flower profusely.
From £13.95

Plagron PK13/14

Plagron PK 13-14 is a fast absorbing mineral fertiliser, providing plants with extra phosphor and potassium throughout the flowering phase. It results in fruits that are more compact and harder. Adding phosphorus helps to develop the root system and gives richer and heavier blooms, whilst potassium transports nutrients to all parts of the plants, as well as providing a strong cell structure and helps the beginning of the bloom. Both are essential in the flowering stage. When using Plagron PK 13-14, your plants are getting everything they need to produce a really strong crop. Directions of use: Shake well before use. Add 2ml of PK 13-14 per 1 litre of water. Use this solution with every watering in the flowering period.
From £10.95