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Grodan Growing Cubes

These cubes (also known as Cellmax) are tiny pieces of rockwool suitable for use in pots as a growing medium.
From £5.00

Grodan Propagation Cubes

Grodan Propagation Cubes are perfect for both seedlings and cuttings.
From £9.95

Grodan Transplanting Cubes

Designed for use with Grodan Propagation Cubes, this growing media is suitable for use in most hydroponic systems.
From £3.50


Rockwool is an inorganic material made into matted fibre perfect for seedlings and cuttings. This product gives your seedlings a great start due to its ability to absorb sufficient nutrients easily giving seedlings/cuttings the ideal foundations to start their cycle.

Rockwool is adaptable to all hydroponic applications. We offer the Grodan range of Rockwool in different varieties to suit our customers.