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Cannacure is a spray-on formula which helps to defend your plants against pests and mildew by creating a protective layer on leaves and stems.
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CX Powdery Mildew Treatment (PMT) 100ml

Powdery Mildew Treatment (or PMT) can be used as a preventative measure or as a treatment for Powdery Mildew.
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CX Tanlin Drops (Gnat Treatment) 20ml

Tanlin concentrated drops can help save your plant from the destructive effects of Fungus Gnats (also known as Sciarid Fly).
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Fortefog P Fumer Midi 11g

Like a smoke bomb, these small tubs release a deadly cloud of smoke which will kill pretty much all types of insects and pests.
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Hesi Super Vit

Hesi Super Vit is an exceptional blend of 15 Vitamins and 10 Amino acids.
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Microbial 1L

Mircobial is a beneficial product which will aid your plant in the defence against pests and diseases
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Dutch Pro Keep It Clean

Dutch pro keep it clean is a plant friendly cleaning fluid which creates and maintains the optimal working conditions for your drip system.
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Dutch Pro Leaf Green

Dutch Pro Leaf Green is a foliar spray used to enhance leaf development and nutrient uptake. Leaf green acts as a saviour to yellowing plants which may have deficiencies.
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Growth Technology Liquid Silicon

Silicon is used by plants for many things including: the creation of strong cell walls; the production of chlorophyll; and the transportation of minerals.
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Guard 'n' Aid Pest OFF Fumer 15g

Guard 'n' Aid Pest Off Fumer is a Permethrin based smoke generator for use in controlling crawling and flying insects and pest in grow rooms, green houses and more
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Guard'n'Aid for Spidermite Treatment

Nite Nite Spider Mite is an organic product which allows you to stop the outbreak of Spider Mite and kill them before they reproduce. Nite Nite Spidermite has been specifically designed to ensure that spidermite cannot survive by creating an unbearable environment for them to live in. Spidermite are very common with indoor growing or growing hydroponically. Spidermite typically live on the underside of leaves damaging the plants cells and attacking your crops resulting in poor health of the plant. Each bottle contains 250mls of Nite Nite Spider Mite solution. 50mls of Spider Mite is required per Litre of Water. A little bit about spider mite... Spider Mite are typically found on the underside of plant leaves, they work by feeding off the plant by piercing the leaf surface and sucking up the plants fluids. This reveals itself as feeding marks shown as light dots on leaves. Spider Mite are wind surfers and move from plant to plant creating webbing, they are very small therefore easily go undetected. Eventually as the Spider Mite drains the plants the leaves will turn yellow and may dry up and drop off. Spider Mites are most common in hot, dry conditions. Unfortunately Mites often build up before becoming noticed-by which time they are already a problem. During winter month Spider Mite eggs can survive in the cold but will not thrive until the warmer months as temperatures increase, for example during spring. Spider Mite prefer higher temperatures so as conditions heat up six legged Larvae begin hatching and feed off the plant then move on to the next stage of the growth cycle before they mature to adults. After mating females continuously produce up to 300 eggs over a few weeks. With heat and dry weather Spider Mite engage rapid development, in fact the transition from egg to adult can take 5days. This fast evolution can result in a large infestation. Chemical pesticides encourage the spread of spider Mite as they actually kill the beneficial insects that prey on the Spider Mite. It is a misconception that all pesticides help eliminate pests, it is important to use an organic products which is why Nite Nite Spider Mite is the perfect solution. We recommend pruning the leaves, stems and other infected parts of the plant and discarding them safely, along with any webbing left on the plant.
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Guard'n'Aid for Thrip 250ml

Guard 'n' Aid for Thrip is an effective Thrip treatment.
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