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Fabric Rhizopots (Propots)

Fabric Rhizopots are great pots designed and created to boost a healthy, efficient, productive root zone. These Fabric pots by Garden Pro are square based to optimise growing space and offer a breathable root zone for plants. The unique fabric design gives roots optimal growing space as they are not restricted by a traditional plastic pot, this stops roots circling and breaking.
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A spillage here, a discarded leaf or two there – it doesn’t take much to make a mess in your grow room! For this reason you should definitely think about placing Deep Flexi-Trays on your floor, given that they offer protection against the odd mishap you will inevitably have when using systems filled with water, media and plants. Conveniently the flexible nature of the two different sized models also means you can easily get them into a car, through doors and set up where space is limited. The Flexi-Trays are able to accommodate the same number of each type of growing pot as the corresponding two Garland Work Trays - see the table below for more details on the pot holding capacity of these products.
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Garland Trays

Available in a variety of sizes, there is a Garland tray suitable for any grow room or tent.
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Round Pot with handles

Large Round Pots with handles will hold and support larger than average potted plants. These pots come in 30L, 50L and 65L capacity, all with holes at the base for drainage and sturdy solid handles to allow you to safely move and lift your plants.
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Air-Pots use the principles of 'air pruning' to help your plants develop a massive root system.
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Round Pots

A large range of round pots perfect for all stages of a plant's life, from propagation to maturity.
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Round saucer

Circular Saucers are for the base of the plant pot to collect excess fluids and protect the roots.
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Square Pots

Square pots are ideal for maximising the use of space in your grow room or tent.
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Square Saucers

Available in three sizes, these saucers fit the 6L, 11L and 18L square pots perfectly.
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Ultra Heavy Duty Net Pot

Net pots are an excellent alternative to the traditional standard pot. These net pots benefit from a durable plastic net design which is less likely to crack or damage.
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50mm Clone Collar Disc

Clone collar discs are used to support the stem of cuttings and fit perfectly in a 5cm net pot
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Plant!t Dirt Pots with handles (Fabric sizes 11L-56L)

11 litre - 24cm x 24cm x 23cm 17 litre - 27cm x 27cm x 25cm 26 litre - 30cm x 30cm x 28cm 37 litre - 35cm x 35cm x 32cm
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Most people are familiar with the concept of growing a plant in a pot. At Grow Magic we stock a large range of round and square pots which are suitable for the needs of any grower or plant.

Perfect for those of you growing with soil, coco, and rockwool they can be used with dripper systems or old fashioned hand-feeding. We also stock air pots which use a technique called ‘air pruning’ to help increase the size of and density of roots.

Finally, we have a variety of saucers and Garland trays to catch any run-off. For more information on each particular product click on an icon to the right. Alternatively, feel free to contact via email, over the phone or at our central South West London store.